Telepsychiatry and Telephone Consultation Fee Schedule

Follow-up Medication Management Telepsychiatry Visit: Self-Pay Option (20-30 minutes via $85 due on the date of service. If billed through insurance, rates may vary approximately between $85-$250 depending on services rendered and case severity.

Telephone Consultation: Self-Pay Only (billed in 10-minute increments): to request adjustments to current medications only and/or to discuss nonemergent mental health concerns: $25 per 10 minutes.

Refill Requests: no dosage changes: refills for current medications only by contacting your current pharmacy and asking for refill requests to be sent electronically to Cornerstone: No charge

Telepsychiatry Option for Established Patients with Clinical Nurse Specialist

Patient Information and Informed Consent for Telepsychiatry Services

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