Maggie Wilkins, LISW-S

Sometimes life can become overwhelming, and it can become a lot to process and balance alone. It can often be helpful just to talk to someone. Someone who can listen without judgement, who can be kind, caring, empathic and compassionate. Someone who can help problem solve and brainstorm with you and become someone you can rely on and trust.

Hi, I am Maggie and I have been a clinical therapist for 12+ years and have worked hard to develop meaningful relationships with my clients. It has been an honor and privilege to become a part of their personal worlds. I have appreciated the opportunity to help sort through life’s stressors and attempt to create some peace and harmony in the chaos.

I believe in a client centered, strengths-based approach. I utilize cognitive behavioral and solution-focused techniques. I am also trained in nonviolent crisis intervention, advanced mediation, and trauma informed care.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from Mercyhurst University and received my Masters of Social Science Administration from the University of Chicago. I have gained valuable experience working in children’s residential treatment facilities, therapeutic preschools, Cook County Juvenile Court system, child protective services as well as working as a parent educator and service coordinator.

Specialties: Adjustment Disorders, ADHD, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Interpersonal Issues, Behavioral Issues, Coping Skills, Family Conflict, Anger Management, Peer Relations/Social Anxiety, Self Esteem Work, School Related Issues, Trauma/PTSD, Divorce Impact/Recovery, LGBTQ+, Grief and Loss, Ages 10+